The advent of the internet in Malaysia came in 1995, and over the years, internet hosts and users have began to increase as it continued to develop and improve along with the rest of the world. The rapid development of the online community has already reached every corner of the country. As a result, the number of broadband providers has also been increasing and competition in the industry is also growing fast. One of the Malaysian broadband providers that have been enjoying a lot of success is Yes.

Yes is the creation of YTL Communications, a leading telecommunications company in Malaysia. With the launching of Yes broadband, the company has brought together two important entities that used to be separate and distinct: internet and voice.

In the past, it was either you get internet or you subscribe to voice. Or if you want and need to get both, you have to pay a lot more because you have to contract two separate service agreements. You will also be made to pay a fixed amount for at least a definite period. This set-up became too burdensome to many. Hence, Yes created the Yes Broaderband to resolve the issue. As its name implies, the system is larger than what it used to provide.

Yes is the first broadband network system that offers the unique combination of internet and voice. The overall plan of this newest trend is to be able to avoid paying those costly monthly plans while still enjoying the benefits that the internet and voice calls provide. Indeed, these two have already become important and necessary entities in everyday living, so that compromising any one of them can never be an option. Yes has now devised a way to make things easier and cheaper for you. With a single plan, you will be able to surf the internet, make voice calls, and send SMS at the lowest price possible. All these services may be availed of on your phone, laptop computer, or desktop PC. This, in essence, is the concept of the Broaderband technology.

Yes is so far the fastest 4G mobile internet with voice that you can have. Broaderband makes it possible for you to experience a mobile internet connection that is seamless and innovative. It gives you the freedom to make your communications at the most convenient time and place for you, and on any device that is available. You can now perform streaming of high-quality videos on your mobile phone or send and receive SMS and calls on any of your computers. This is considered one of the better internet solutions for one and all. Yes 4G may be used as well with Wi-Fi connected gadgets, such as the iPad, the PlayStation Portable, and the iPod Touch.

Go for Yes today and you will immediately experience all the amazing things that the company has to offer. It is better than internet and it offers more than your mobile phone connection. Yes is the one and only solution for a cheaper, more convenient, and efficient communication device. It is just the right tool to catch up with the fast-moving world.