Unifi Package

Unifi is a high speed Internet service in Malaysia, and is provided by Telekom Malaysia. Unifi High Speed Broadband is one of the fastest in the country, with the ability to deliver what it promises. There are a number of Unifi Package available for different requirements. The Unifi Package is called VIP, which stands for Video, Internet High Speed, and Phone Voice Service.

There are three kinds of Unifi Package plans, these are the VIP5, VIP10, and the VIP20. Currently, there are over 60,000 Unifi Package plans subscribers in Malaysia, making the service the largest in terms of subscribers. Unifi is the first in Malaysia to give Video and Internet services together with Phone services. Unifi was able to integrate the digital lifestyle into many Malaysian homes, which is attributed to its expansive fiber optic network in the country.

When you subscribe to any Unifi Package, you will have access to over 40 television channels on the Unifi IPTV. When you apply for the VIP20 Unifi Package, you will enjoy over 40 HyppTV channels for free, and have an upload and download speed of up to 10mbps. The Package also allows you to have 90GB download usage per month. The Phone service of the VIP20 Unifi Package also includes FREE calls to all Telekom Malaysia subscribers, and a flat rate of 10sen/minute for all other telecom networks.

There are 14 free channels you can enjoy with this Unifi Package. You can upgrade your subscription if you want to have access to the 23 other premium channels. The premium channels costs 3, 6, or 9 ringgit per month. You can select which channels you want to add to your HyppTV list.

You may also have Videos on Demand Unifi Package on your VIP. You can subscribe to the Hollywood Latest for 8 ringgit per title, or 15 ringgit per month for a Hollywood Package of 30 Titles. There are also Malaysian Latest movies also for 8 ringgit per title, but you can purchase the Malaysian Movie package for also 8 ringgit, inclusive of 30 titles.

Aside from these packages, Unifi also offers benefits for businesses and establishments by its increased efficiency and productivity. When you purchase a Unifi Package for your business, Unifi will allow you to host your own website using your own servers with a fixed IP address. Unifi also helps your business to have an expanded market base through e-commerce and other digital applications made aailabel by Unifi Package plans.

Finally, Unifi Package plans allow businesses to maintain hardware because of its low investment rate for quality hardware and services. Businesses can reduce the costs of maintaining an online storage in data centers, give its customers a quick and easy payment scheme online, and take advantage of the business workflow through hosted applications in CRM, accounting, and logistics.

Overall, Unifi Package plans are designed not only to give Malaysians fast Internet with a variety of multimedia options. It is a crucial company that contributes to national growth and development as it eases the boundaries in the country by providing digital solutions for everybody.