Science has never stopped revolutionizing the information and communications technology. Today, the broadband industry has been increasing tremendously in every corner of the world. Because of the progress being made, Telekom Malaysia (TM) could not just stand by and watch it swell. To capitalize on this industry, it created the Unifi TM.

Unifi is the broadband arm of Telekom Malaysia that offers high speed service utilizing the latest technology in fiber optic which has already gone fully digital.

To date, there are various packages that Unifi offers. There is a category for residential packages and another for business packages. If you cannot decide on what package to take, you don’t have to worry. Unifi has devised a system that can determine which package can suit your lifestyle, particular needs, and preferences. All you need to do is to answer a few questions and a package recommender will promptly suggest which will give you the benefits you’re looking for. Clearly, Unifi wishes to make life easier and more advantageous for you.

Unifi broadband functions through very high speed DSL technologies that are able to back up data bandwidth reaching as high as 20Mbps for internet, voice and IPTV applications. You will be able to download large files in a few seconds or minutes depending on the size of the file you are downloading. You can even download the movies and video clips with DVD-quality visual and sound resolution.

Unifi has also made things cheaper now with the integration of the many functions that provide total entertainment. This is the so-called IPTV advantage. If you are looking for a greater value in your broadband, Telekom Malaysia has already made it possible for you.

The business package from Unifi likewise provides great advantages for your business. It can be considered as a time-saving device that can run applications that can help you to increase your productivity rate, improve your sales, and reduce the necessary expenses that are chargeable to your company.

In addition to the excellent packages that it offers, Unifi likewise offers a number of value added services (VAS) that you can avail of when you subscribe to its services. These extra services include e-browse, e-storage, iShield Plus, online guard plus, infoblast, web hosting basic, and StreamyxZONE. An additional voice line is also a plus in whatever package you will take.

To be able to deliver the best services in the broadband industry, your subscription to the internet services of Telekom Malaysia comes high-quality equipment that are necessary for the enjoyment of the packages it offers. These are the Broadband Termination Unit, the DECT phone, the Residential Gateway, and the Set-Top-Box. A WiFi USB Adaptor is standing by in case you want to have an even better deal.

Unifi is the brand new offering from Telekom Malaysia. As soon as you subscribe to its service, you will then begin to experience the joys of surfing the Web at a fast rate. There are countless things that you can see and a vast selection of activities that you can enjoy with this fast and reliable broadband service. So get connected through Unifi today and feel the difference of living a high-speed digital lifestyle.