P1 Wimax

P1 is one of the leading Internet service providers in Malaysia. It is a telecommunications company that also provides broadband and Wimax services. it was founded in 2002 and is a subsidiary of the Green Packet Berhad. It was one of the first companies that planned to expand its spectrum, and in 2002, P1 was awarded an additional 2.3 GHz by government, enabling it to deploy Wimax services throughout the country.

P1 Wimax is now one of the largest in the country with a wide area of coverage. P1 is the first company to launch Wimax in Malaysia. It then focused on expanding its Wimax services. To do this, P1 engaged in cooperative alliances with different computer and IT companies to further cement its position in the competitive Wimax industry in Malaysia.

Services and Packages

P1 has two major services it offers. The first package is the Portable Modem, which can be availed in prepaid and postpaid plans. The P1 Portable Modem is a powerful asset that allows you to roam freely with high speed connection to the Internet. This is among the strengths of P1, because it has the widest P1 Wimax coverage in Malaysia. People are able to surf the Internet at incredible speeds, thanks to the 4G capacity of their modems.

There are three options for the P1 postpaid plans. These are the Casual W1ggy, W1ggy, and the Super W1ggy.

  • Casual W1ggy this P1 plan allows you to download in speeds of up to 600kbps, with a usage quota of 6GB. The monthly fee for this plan is 59 ringgit, but it has an upfront payment of 100 ringgit, which will be reimbursed in your first billing. Its promotional rates for the first 6 months of subscription is only 49 ringgit per month, saving you a total of 120 ringgit.
  • W1ggy Upgrade your Casual W1ggy to the W1ggy and enjoy up to 1.5mbps download speed. Your usage quota is also upgraded to 10GB. Your monthly charges are only 89 ringgit, but for the P1 promotional rates for 6 months, you only pay 69 ringgit, saving you a total of 180 ringgit.
  • Super W1ggy if W1ggy is not enough for your surfing demands, get the 10mbps download speed by subscribing to the Super W1ggy plan! It allows 15Gb of usage quota, all for 129 ringgit a month. The promo rate for the first 6 months of usage is 99 ringgit, saving you a total of 240 ringgit.

P1 also provides great broadband packages for your home. Enjoy up to 4.8mbps download speeds with a good usage quota of 30GB, allowing you to surf more at high speeds any time of the day. This P1 home package broadband deal is worth 139 ringgit per month. This includes a free modem, which you will use on a rental basis.

Overall, if you want the widest coverage of Wimax, choose P1. It is the pioneer when it comes to Wimax connectivity. Enjoy strong signal no matter where you are in Malaysia. With P1, you are sure to enjoy a fast and dependable broadband and Wimax unmatched by anyone else.