P1 Package

P1 is a mobile service provider in Malaysa and specializes in mobile Internet connection and broadband services, particularly Wimax. It is the pioneer company in Malaysia in the development of Wimax Internet connection. The P1 Package deals for its Wimax are one of the most competitive in the industry, thanks to the steps the company has taken to solidify its hold on the technology. It collaborated with several IT, software, and computer companies like Alcatel, Intel, Oracle, and EMC. P1 is now the leading service provider for wireless broadband services in Malaysia.

Affordable P1 Package Deals

If you are planning to get the best P1 Package deals, the best options for you is to go postpaid. Postpaid plans of P1 for Internet connection is one of the most innovative in Malaysia because of the speed they offer at very competitive prices. There are also bonuses and like rebates, while allowing you to access more features with their P1 Package deals.

There are three P1 Package deals available when you subscribe to P1. The three P1 package deals are the Casual W1ggy, the Super Wiggy, and the regular W1ggy.

The Casual W1ggy is the basic Wimax product of P1. This P1 package lets you surf the Internet at speeds of up to 600kbps, with a monthly charge of RM59. During the first six months of subscription, the subscriber only pays RM49, saving him a total of RM120. Other service providers charge an activation fee for the service, but this P1 package waives it in favor of the customer.

If you want an upgraded version of the Casual W1ggy, you can choose the Super W1ggy P1 Package. It allows you to surf at speeds of up to 10mbps, with a usage quota of 15Gb per month. The charges for the Super W1ggy P1 Package is RM129 per month, but you also get a 6 month discount period by paying RM99 only. This saves you a total of RM240 for the whole first 6 months of subscription.

If you think that the Super W1ggy P1 package is too expensive and you do not need 10mbps Internet connection, then you can opt for the regular W1ggy P1 Package that costs only RM89 per month, with a 6-month discount promo rate of RM69, saving you RM180. The regular W1ggy P1 Package allows you to surf at 1.5mbps.

The billing for these P1 package deals are done online for FREE, but if you want to receive paper billing notices, you will add an additional RM5 to your subscription. This is in line with the company’s environmental awareness campaign, which encourages the paperless processing of data and bills.

A registration fee of RM100 applies to all the three P1 Package deals. There is also an upfront payment of another RM100, but this is refundable on your first billing.

One of the advantages of subscribing to P1 is that it has the widest coverage in terms of Wimax. P1 also boasts of the largest number of subscribers when it comes to Wimax and broadband Internet in Malaysia.