Maxis Broadband Package

Enjoy unlimited surfing privileges by getting your own Maxis Broadband package. You can guarantee that your internet connection will be fast and uninterrupted with a Maxis Broadband package, which you can avail of through the most amazing Maxis Broadband package deals. Even if competitors are abound in the internet service provider market, you can count on getting your money’s worth with a Maxis Broadband package.

Who Owns Maxis Broadband?

Starting out in 1993, Malaysia’s Maxis Communications began its business in the telecommunications industry as a cellular operator. This experience in providing quality communication through technology has been the company’s specialty, and since then they have expanded to other branches of telecommunications services, which now includes Maxis Broadband. With over 63.71 million subscribers, it is one of the bigger telecommunications companies in the Asia Pacific Region.

Getting a Maxis Broadband Package

Acquiring a Maxis Broadband package is one of the best options you should avail of if you are looking for a competent internet service provider. Because Maxis Communications is leading the industry in Malaysia, you are sure that extensive coverage is provided to all its subscribers.

Those who will avail of a Maxis Broadband package are in for a treat. You can choose your preferred Maxis Broadband package between the Wireless Broadband package and the Home broadband package.

The Wireless Broadband packages basically cater to users who are often on the go. Maxis Broadband has plans suited for people who have portable devices that can be utilized for Internet browsing. Those who would like to avail of Apple’s iPad can get a tailor made Maxis Broadband package suited for their purposes. Plans that range from 3.5 GB to 6.0 GB and 15.0 GB are available at costs of RM70, RM90, and RM20, respectively. Prepaid plans are also available to those who wish to avail of Maxis’ iPad promos.

Post-paid broadband is another great option. With five plans to choose from, you can ensure that you will find excellent connection speeds with less cost. Lite plans at RM48 have data volume of 1.5GB, and speed of 512kbps. Swift plans at RM58 have 1.5GB and 1Mbps. Power at RM68 has 3GB and 7.2Mbps, while Freedom at RM98 has 6GB and 7.2Mbps. Lastly, Ultimate at RM198 has 12Gb and 7.2Mbps. These plans are very cost friendly and would have commitment periods of 6 months, which you can opt out of for an additional fee of RM100.

Home Broadband services are also a great deal with Maxis Broadband. You can choose between Fiber To The Home (FTTH) technology or ADSL, which both have their own perks. FTTH uses Fiber Optic Wires, which means that uninterrupted connection is guaranteed. Costs for FTTH would be be divided into three: Standard, with speeds of 4 Mbps, Quota of 30 GB, and Price of RM128; Value, 6 Mbps, 60 GB and RM158; and Advanced, with 10 Mbps, 100 GB, and RM218. ADSL would be a Maxis Broadband package that has monthly subscriptions that are: Basic 512 KB for RM68; Basic 1MB for RM88; Office 1MB for RM150; Bundle 1MB for RM118l; and Bundle 2 MB for RM148.