Maxis Broadband

Fast and reliable internet connection is possible with Maxis Broadband. This is an important factor, especially for those who need the internet not just for personal uses but for business and information. The internet is a fast changing landscape, and keeping up with the current flow of technology is something that Maxis Broadband can provide to its clients.

About Maxis Broadband

Maxis Broadband is a division of Maxis Communications, which started out in 1993 as a cellular operator in the telecommunications industry. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the company operates across the Asia Pacific region and has over 63.71 million subscribers.

Why Maxis Broadband Provides Great Service

Maxis Communications is proud to declare that their product Maxis Broadband as the most competitive in the market, because it is considered to be a reliable internet service provider by a great number of Malaysians. One of the main reasons why this is such is because Maxis is known to offer extensive coverage to all regions of the country.

Coverage – The internet is utilized by many Malaysians nowadays not just for information but also for business, which makes for a great market. While there are other internet service providers that compete with Maxis, their internet broadband product still leads because it offers fast internet speed from any location. This makes browsing as well as creating and editing websites more convenient for any avid internet user.

Speed – Maxis Broadband is great, as it offers top-notched speed for internet browsing. From 4 mbps to 10 mbps, customers are ensured that they will get the right internet connection speed for their specific purposes. Maxis also boasts connections that are 15 times faster than regular dial up providers.

Variety – As with internet service providers, Maxis Broadband can provide coverage in a number of ways. You can avail of Wireless Broadband, in Postpaid and Prepaid plans. Home Broadband deals are also prime, as Maxis now utilizes Fiber to the Home (FTTH) technology, making sure that connections flow faster and smoother than before. Maxis’ WiFi will also let users surf whether they are in or out of their homes, with access volumes of 500 Mb to 200 MB per month.

Affordability – Another reason why most Malaysians prefer Maxis Broadband is because of the affordable package deals that the company offers. They hold competitive rates with other broadband companies, and even then, the company still manages to hold their clients because of their various offers and promotions.

Maxis offers packages that go as low as RM 68 a month so anyone can get fast internet connection compared to the services of other broadband providers. They also provide packages that will give free calls to other Maxis mobiles and will come with bundled freebies like an Aztech DECT Phone, a Residential Gateway (which is more of like a router), and a Residential Gateway that is integrated with a DECT Phone. Maxis Broadband also comes with free modems, no matter if you sign up for a Standard, Value, or an Advanced plan.