Digi Broadband Package

If you want to hook up with Malaysia’s fastest internet, you better get a digi broadband package. Digi broadband packages are perfect for all kinds of users, light or heavy. Get a digi broadband package if you are absolutely infuriated with the service of your current wireless broadband provider. Digi lives up to its declared features and promises, unlike other broadband services. You would also like to get a broadband package from Digi if you think other providers cannot give you the freedom that you want. Finally, this company is for you if you want premium service at a very reasonable price.

Every digi broadband package comes with a free modem. There are three general digi broadband packages: Discover and Explore. There used to be an Extreme digi broadband package that offered a download speed of 2 mbps and an upload speed of 1 mbps. However, this has been discontinued in order to make way for modifications to the Explore digi broadband package.

There’s the normal Discover plan and then there’s Discover Day. With Discover Day, you only have to pay RM38 a month. You can still surf the internet when its past 7 PM, just at a lower speed. You can avail of the regular discover package for only RM58 a month. This digi broadband package already includes 700kbps and 200kbps of download and upload, respectively. At the said price, it’s more than a good offer. With the Discover package, you are allowed up to 3 GB of volume. The Discover packages are suited to those who use the internet sparingly yet still need access when needed instantly.

For subscribers that prefer medium usage, the Explore digi broadband package should be a good choice. There are two types of Explore digi broadband packages. The first one is the Explore 10GB for RM108. If you want to upgrade to Explore 16 GB, you will only have to pay RM 158. For both packages, there is a rebate of RM20 x 6 months.

A Discover or the Explore digi broadband package can earn you a Broadband E219 HSPDA USB Modem already.

If the offers of Digi sounds good enough already, wait till you hear this. When you sign up for an Explore 10 GB plan, you get a free Asus Eee PC Netbook and a modem. You get a broadband connection and a laptop so you can use your new broadband connection. That’s a complete package right there.

The great thing about signing up for a digi broadband package is that you are not tied down to a contract, unlike other broadband services. Plus, they take into consideration the type of device used for the broadband. Digi is known to have many unique mobile broadband services. Digi can provide broadband connectivity to users who are on the road. There are no upfront fees for any digi broadband package. All packages are simple and provide the minimum requirements of an avid internet surfer. You get what you pay for and you never pay for what you don’t need.