Digi Broadband

In this age of digital technology, mobile service providers around the world have expanded and diversified their services by providing more innovations aside from mobile telephony. DiGi Broadband is one of Malaysia’s leading mobile operators, and specializes in the providing fast and reliable mobile Internet connection to its subscribers.

DiGi Broadband has a single mission statement: Wireless Freedom. When you are talking about wireless freedom, this means that you are able to connect to the Internet anywhere even while you are mobile. This also means that the Internet connection is fast and reliable, no hang-ups and disconnections. All you have to do is plug in your DiGi Broadband USB modem and you will be online within seconds!

DiGi Broadband Packages

Currently there are three standard packages that will suit your needs. Here are the following plans offered by DiGi Broadband:

  • Discover Day Discover Day is a monthly package that allows you to have access to the Internet with a quota of 3 GB. For this unlimited Internet Access, you only pay 38 ringgit a month, and you will enjoy a 700kbps for downloading and 200kbps for uploading, from 7am to 7pm. However, after 7pm, the speed will be lowered back to 128kbps, and the purchase to pay is blocked.
  • Discover the Discover plan is the same as the Discover Day, you can still enjoy the 700kbps even after 7pm. The plan is worth 68 ringgit per month.
  • Explore 10GB- DiGi Broadband has released a better plan that allows you to have 10 GB worth of quota while enjoying high speed Internet all throughout the day, all for only 108 ringgit per month.
  • Explore 16 GB Do you need more content, more data, and more resources while mobile? No problem! Explore 16 GB allows you to surf all day along with a quota of 16 GB. Enjoy fast, reliable Internet and view high quality images with large data space all for 158 ringgit per month. DiGi Broadband makes it all possible.
  • When you apply for either of the Explore Plans, you also get a rebate of 120 ringgit for every 6 months of straight subscription. Upon your first successful registration, DiGi Broadband will activate your new account within 4 hours of registration.

DiGi Broadband also offers promotions like their FREE Asus Eee plan. There are also plans that are compatible with your Tablet device. DiGi Broadband also offers a limited edition prepaid Internet where you can enjoy high speed connection.

DiGi Broadband is the most competitive brand in mobile broadband in Malaysia because of their low rates. The company charges less for their service, and most important of all, they do not bind their subscribers in a contract, which is why you do not have to force yourself to pay for Internet even while you are not using it. DiGi Broadband also charges lowest when it comes to per GB download. With their prepaid rates, you can have 1GB of download for only 10 ringgit.

if you want a reliable and fast mobile Internet connection, use DiGi Broadband. It is the most affordable broadband in Malaysia, bringing power to the millions by providing Wireless Freedom. With DiGi Broadband, you have a choice.