Celcom Broadband

Today, being able to connect to the Internet frequently is a must for everyone. This is the reason why aside from computers, mobile phones are equipped with the technology that allows the user to connect to the Internet anytime, anywhere. The importance of being able to access the Internet whenever they need to is something that no one can contest. So the need for a technology that allows users to be on the Web anytime they want has made way for mobile broadband. Malaysia’s Celcom Broadband is one of the most reliable mobile broadband service providers in the country that aim to prove the true benefits of mobile broadband.

Mobile broadband such as what Celcom Broadband offers refers to the high-speed Internet access that are normally provided by mobile or cellular phone carriers. With the use of a mobile broadband service, the user can easily go online through a device that allows mobile Internet access. The device should also be equipped with a cellular Internet modem. If the user wishes to connect to the Internet using the mobile broadband, he or she must be within the broadcast range of a cell site tower controlled by the service provider. The good news is, one can seldom find a location that is not reached by the broadband broadcasting range.

If you are looking for a trusted provider of mobile broadband, then you should definitely try what Celcom Broadband has to offer. Celcom Broadband is the leading mobile broadband provider in Malaysia and for two years already, they have been awarded the esteemed Frost & Sullivan’s Mobile Broadband Provider award. Celcom Broadband considers this award as proof that their efforts of providing good quality service to their customers is seen with high regard.

Celcom Broadband upholds the promise of offering the widest mobile broadband coverage. As of press time, over 70% of Malaysia’s populated areas are known to benefit from Celcom’s broadband broadcast range. They offer affordable subscriber plans as well as dedicated and efficient customer service including technical and after sales support.

Celcom Broadband has different plans allowing people with different needs to pick the best one that suits their taste. Those who are only looking to be connected to the Internet to update their social networking accounts as well as perform basic Internet usage can go for the company’s Lite and Basic plans. Meanwhile, those whose jobs and personal preferences highly depend on being online from time-to-time and need higher speed can choose the Advance plan. As one would expect, these plans offered by Celcom Broadband come with different price ranges, depending on the mobile broadband download and upload speeds. Thus, customers can definitely get a plan that fits their needs, wants, and budget.

Moreover, if customers think that they might not be able to maximize the use of the unlimited plans, they can also choose the Pay-Per-Use offer. Celcom Broadband allows their customer to have the freedom of choosing and using their services. With the Celcom Broadband Pay-Per-Use feature, the customers will not have to worry about going over their tight budget.